Chem-Eez HD Cleaner/Degreaser, 55 gl drum

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MANUFACTURER : National Chemical Laboratories

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The original heavy duty cleaner degreaser which is used in a wide variety of cleaning and degreasing applications. This product is manufactured with a combination anionic-nonionic detergent system and includes chelating agents, inhibitors, wetting aids and water soluble solvents to provide rapid emulsification on both dry and oily soils. Chem-Eez cuts through the toughest greases and soils found in the toughest industrial environments with the greatest of ease and minimum labor, to keep your plant running at maximum efficiency.

Authorized USDA Product


  • Concentrated janitorial strength product 
  • High use dilutions allow for greater versatility and economy of use
  • Water soluble formulation 
  • A truly general purpose product 
  • Product is used for housekeeping, automotive and marine applications, food packaging and service areas, and others too numerous to list
  • Fast grease cutting action 
  • Allows for minimum labor and waiting
  • Product in service for over three decades 
  • Long term proven acceptance
  • Product is non-flammable

Color: Purple

Odor: Sassafras

pH (Concentrate)13.3

Solubility (water): Complete, all ratios

Specific Gravity: (g/cc)1.04 ± 0.01

Inhalation Toxicity: Low

Free Rinsing: Yes

Biodegradability: Complete

Detergency: Mixed Ionic

Shelf Life: 1 year minimum in original unopened container

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