Incrediloso Lavender Multi-purpose cleaner/deodorizer 4gl/cs

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Experience the dual-action performance of INCREDILOSO™, your ideal solution for cleaning and deodorizing a variety of washable surfaces in one simple step. Infused with an exceptional Lavender fragrance, INCREDILOSO™ not only cleans effectively but also leaves behind a fresh, long-lasting scent that enhances the environment of schools, offices, retail stores, and more. Its versatile formula allows for multiple methods of application, making it as convenient as it is powerful.

  • Multipurpose Cleaner: Ideal for floors, walls, countertops, and many other surfaces, ensuring a comprehensive cleaning experience.
  • Rinse-Free Formula: No need for a second rinse, saving time and effort while delivering an impeccable finish.
  • Varied Application: Use it manually with a mop, through an automatic scrubber, or dispense it with a trigger sprayer for targeted cleaning.
  • Concentrated Dilution: Customizable strength with 2 oz. per gallon dilution for normal soil and 4 oz. per gallon for heavy soil situations.
  • Hard Water Efficacy: The formula is effective even in hard water conditions, maintaining its cleaning power without compromise.
  • Lavender Scent: Leaves areas smelling clean with a fresh, long-lasting Lavender aroma that uplifts the ambience.
  • Environmentally Safer Choice: Formulated with environmentally preferable surfactants that are gentle on the planet.
  • Optimized for Floor Care: An excellent choice for maintaining spotless and fragrant floors throughout any facility.

Usage and Maintenance: For best results, follow the directed dilution guidelines. Use 2 oz. of INCREDILOSO™ per gallon of water for normal soil conditions and increase to 4 oz. for heavy soiling. Apply using your preferred method, and enjoy the ease of a rinse-free clean. Adjust dilution as needed based on specific cleaning demands. The environmentally friendly surfactants contained in INCREDILOSO™ make it a product you can trust for effective cleaning that aligns with eco-conscious values.

pH (Concentrate)7.4
Viscosity (cps)< 10 cSt
Specific Gravity (g/cc)1.00 ± 0.01
Density (lbs/gal)8.3 ± 0.1
SolubilityComplete in water
Flash PointNot available
Smoke Odor EliminationSuperior
Foul Odor EliminationSuperior
CleaningFilm Free
Shelf Life1 year minimum in original unopened container

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