TRR Toilet Ring Remover / Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 1 each (12ea/cs)


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TRR Toilet Ring Remover / Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a heavy-duty toilet bowl cleaner. Odorless and non-scrubbing, TRR works well to remove rust, lime, and calcium stains off surfaces like fiberglass and tile. Before using, do a test patch in a concealed area first to see if it affects your finishes. It’s easier than scrubbing your fingers off with a pumice stone. TRR removes lime better than other products with its special formula and is non-flammable. Excellent efficiency in cleaning toilets and urinals of stains. It will not harm drains or pipes. Just apply - no scrubbing required! Let TRR do the work for you!

Packed 12 - 32oz bottles per case.

Key Features
• Removes lime and streaks better than other products
• Excellent efficiency to clean toilets and urinals
• Odorless and non-flammable
• Non-scrubbing
• pH of 5.5

Please read the manufacturer's label for all directions and safety precautions.

Directions for use:
1. Test TRR on a small, concealed area for possible discoloration of tinted fixtures.
2. Protect surrounding area from spillage with a newspaper.
3. Pour a bucket of water directly into bowl to lower level.
4. Gently shake the bottle upside down before using.
5. Hold bottle over bowl and saturate swab with TRR being careful not to get on skin. Do not use a toilet brush for this process.
6. Apply TRR with a swab on stained area. No pressure or scrubbing required. Allow to stand no longer than three (3) minutes, as finish may be affected.
7. Rinse all exposed areas 4-5 times with fresh water.
8. Re-use TRR as stains begin to appear two to three months.
9. Apply TRR to bathtub or shower walls, one small section at a time to protect finish and avoid any metals.

Packed: 12 32oz bottles per case

Recommended Use: Toilet ring remover

Physical State: Liquid

Color: Clear

Odor: Faint sweet

Chemical Stability: Stable under recommended storage conditions

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9/13/2021 4:16 pm

Sales Representative

Karen Crawford

This is a wonderful product that can do more than clean your toilet bowl. If you have hard water stains this is the product for you.

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